Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back to Delkor

The Panasonic High Spec maintenance free battery lasted me bout 2 years. Considering the Standard Spec was still going on strong when I replaced it @ around 2 years I do not rate the High Spec especially considering the price premium. Possible contributions on the lack of service life could be due to me under-utilizing Sharkie or a downturn in manufacturing QC. Probably a combination of both. The Pana really died as there was 0.0% electrical juice left. No even any to work the central locking or acknowledge the remote.

Anyway NS70L sized Panas could not be found anywhere in Penang nowadays so I'm back to the Delkor. My local TCEAS is pushing GP maintenance free batteries. Picture of the Delkor packaging. The local distributor is Kai Shen Marketing Sdn. Bhd. 

In my haste to replace the batt, I forgot to weight the Delkor so can't tell you the weight but my arm muscles are still aching. Local battery prices have risen recently so the total damage was MYR 402.8 including GST (battery cost alone was RM 380). In comparison, 2 years ago I paid RM 350 for the Pana High Spec. Trade-in for a used battery (junks accepted) is RM 20. Picture below of the Delkor MF on its battery tray.

Fully installed with top securing bracket/holder. 

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