Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Work Emotion CR Kai Discontinued

I recently checked Work Wheels website and found that they had discontinued the Work Emotion CR Kai. You can find the "details" here which is where Work lists their discontinued products. Apparently production ended in 2014. The successor for the CR Kai, the CR Kiwami does not have an off the shelf listing for 114.3 4 lug/hole PCD. If I understand correctly, Work is able to supply 114.3 4 lug PCD for the CR Kiwami but @ additional cost of 6000 yen per wheel/rim. Details in screen capture below

If you want the CR Kai best you contact your suppliers now to check if there is any unsold stock left from the last production run. Good luck!

This also means the number of available off the shelf branded Jap wheel/rim choices that I am aware of for 17" 114.3 4 lug PCD is now a big fat ZERO. If you want the good stuff you will need to convert to 5 lug.


Dio Brando said...

Too bad, but you can get the CR Kiwami and pay 6000yen for the "special 4X114.3 PCD" each rim :D

Dio Brando said...

But you still can buy CR Kiwami a.k.a Ultimate plus 6000 yen each for that "special 4X114.3" PCD :D