Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bride Import Side Stay

The Bride RO seat rail is able to use adapters which Bride sell separately to install full bucket non-reclining motorsport competition seats such as the Recaro SP-G, Sparco Evo and Pro2000 and the Corbeau Pro-Series. Such seats are typically bottom side mounted versus bottom mounted for "stock/road" and "daily driving" reclining seats such as my Recaro SR4.

Those of you curious enough will ask why would I need these adapters? Well that's an upcoming and very long simmering project and blog post. Long enough to span more than two friggin years. Anyway, back to this post. Bride calls the particular adapter I need the "Import Side Stay" (Part Number: A35PNO). Bride's website states that the Import Side Stay can be used for Recaro SPG-N, Pole Position, Sparco Pro2000, etc. etc. One seat rail will need a set of four adapters. As per my Bride RO seat rails, the Import Side Stays were sourced by and purchased from Bro Eu Jin of JDM Auto Link. My cost was only RM2XX for one set (double that if you need two sets) and bear in mind the Ringgit is depreciating as I type this.

A couple weeks later this and some other goodies for my Fit arrived at my doorstep. Picture of the packaging.

The Import Side Stay in bubble wrapping.

After my crummy clumsy hands got to it.

"Manual" or more specifically installation diagram.

The Import Side Stay. Mild steel fasteners are provided and weight a ton.

The multiple hole and slots enable the Import Side Stay to cater for different seat dimensions. These adapters can accept a base seat width between 395mm to 430mm. The Import Side Stays appear to be symmetrical and are not side dependent from what I can see. Installation will tell. Stay tuned.

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Dio Brando said...

Dear Andrew, thank you for the informative knowledge you provided in modding the N16 Sentra all these years. I am slowly but surely building my pre-face lift N16 and I am not going with the QG. Now I will work on the wheels and suspension 1st before moving to the engine bay. Appreciated your work and information provided on your blog.