Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beta Utensili Digital Vernier Caliper

A vernier scale or caliper is a device that lets you measure precisely when reading and measuring a uniformly divided straight or circular object. Given the number of  parts I have had to measure and fabricate for Sharkie I'm surprised that it took me so long to get a proper vernier caliper. A ruler and EAM (Eye-balling Aided Measurement) just doesn't cut it when measuring bushes, anti-roll bar diameters, hole or openings, etc.

I finally decided to get a proper digital vernier caliper for easy reading and measurements. Looked around locally in Penang but didn't see anything I fancy. There are probably decent stuff around but I don't have the contacts. RS Online sells Mitutoyo but these cost a bomb. Some surfing around let me to Tool-Net which is an online mail order site in the UK specializing in all sorts of tools, Decided on the Beta 1651DGT digital vernier caliper which suited my requirements. Beta Utensili or Beta Tools is an automotive hand tool manufacturer from Italy founded back in 1923 and today supplies tools to many professional motorsport teams worldwide. The 1651DGT is made from stainless steel and has a measuring range of up to 200mm with 0.01mm resolution and weights 150 grammes. Cost to me including shipping came up to 54.18 GBP.

Less than 2 weeks later the 1651DGT arrived safe and sound. Picture below of the packaging.

The very nice plastic case including test certificate.

The 1651DGT digital vernier caliper. Round white object is the battery. User manual states battery model is SR44W.

Time to start measuring and starting/continuing some projects I've been procrastinating on with the excuse I don't have a proper vernier caliper..


teedoq said...

Bro. Whats the damage? i ve been eyeing to buy one but for an occasional user like me, anything more than rm100.00 is a no no coz :)) - nahar

Andrew Saw said...

Price already stated Bro. Don't think you can get a digital vernier caliper below RM 100 unless it Cina Mari stuff

teedoq said...

hahaha... didnt realised it is in GBP!