Monday, June 22, 2015


I bet AIM has been listening to customers giving feedback that the MXG would not fit in many a dash hence they have now released the MXS. The only difference between the MXG and MXS is the size of the display. The MXS has a 5" TFT display which is smaller than my Asus Zenfone 2's 5.5" screen while the MXG has a larger 7" display. You can read up more on the MXG/MXS from AIM's website.

Picture below taken from AIM's website shows the physical size difference between the MXG and MXS. 

Technical drawing showing the MXS dimensions. 

Real life pix courtesy of Rennlist forums and TrailBrake, an official AIM Dealer in the US. 

Price is ~US$ 2299 though I see a certain Bolehland company selling in Mudah for RM 7500. The MXG "only" costs US$ 300 more. The LCD screen on my AIM MXL Strada Icon is so yesterday. 

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