Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015 First Service

When your bud all the way from the US sends you an email just to tell you you are lagging (on your blog posts) you are really lagging.. :) Thanks Greg for the reminder.

Anyway here's a short post on Sharkie having its first service prior to the CNY hols. Current mileage since rebirth is way less than 10K km.

Here's the normal complement of consumables for a regular service.

I only ever use Motul Chrono 300V 10W40 and Nismo Veruspeed Oil Filter since Slowtra became Sharkie which I find to be the "best optimal" for my needs. The only downside here is cost. Two 2 litre cans of Chrono 300V will set you back in excess of RM 400 and the Veruspeed is RM 90ish depending on the yen to ringgit exchange rate. Maintaining a performance car is definitely not cheap. The positive here is that you only use about 3 litres or less of the engine oil. Make sure you keep and store the leftover unused engine oil well for your next service. Never ever reuse your used engine oil or oil filter.