Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Automotive Porn - Force Racing Wheels

This is totally unrelated to Slowtras or any N16 variant but is so trick I just had to do a write up. Force Racing hails from the UK and primarily focuses on speed parts for the original Mini. Yes, the original Mini by the one and only Sir Alec Issigonis and not the current BMW Mini.

Anyway back to topic of this not on topic posting. Haha! Bro Mugil ordered this 13" x 7" rims/wheels for his Mini. Model is DSY and each rim only weights less than 3.4 kg. Wheels are three piece and is constructed of two outer halves that make up the rim and a centre section. The spokes/centre is bolted to the rim via fasteners. These type of rim allows for the ability to custom tailor wheels for special mostly racing only applications that would not be available otherwise. 

Each rim is CNC machined and anodized. The wheel centres are 6082T6 billet aluminium and are available colour anodised in most colours. 

Reverse/Inner Side.

Close up. All the bolts are titanium btw and separately bought by Mugil. Each rim uses 24 fasteners so for 4 rims you will need 96 sets of titanium bolts and flanged lock nuts.

Wait a minute. Where are the bolt holes for the wheel lugs? Mugil went uber trick here by specifying a centre lock rim like what you see on Super GT/GT race cars. This means each rim/wheel is bolted to the car with only a single centre locking nut. If this is not trick enough, the nuts are titanium alloy. Not only is the material and construction trick, the colour is also Ferrari trick!

The Fantastic Four!

The centre lock kit. Yes, it's Titanium

Test fitted to the rear of  Mugil's Mini. GT racecar rite?
Can this (rims) fit your Slowtra? Well, the biggest diameter rim Force Racing makes currently is 15". The other issue is Minis are very light and the lightweight design of the rims means they only support a max of 800kg. Force Racing can make you 40% stronger rims (for cars around 1100-1200 kg) but this means a heavier rim and increased cost. Please do bear in mind the set above without the titanium fasteners and Ti centre lock kit, shipping and tax already costs 1800 GBP (MYR 9450+). If you are still interested, give Force Racing a call. There are no counterfeits or fakes around.