Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Gearbox Upgrade Project Part 3 - It's Finally in the US!

40 kilos turned out to be less than 15 when Jack got a proper weighing scale to weigh the gearbox internals. This means the shipping cost via Fedex one way is now significantly less than than MYR 1K. Bout RM 644.46 to be exact which means the project is back on-track after a 2 month hiatus. Thanks Bro!

Picture of everything packed up. All hard work, muscle and vocal power (bargaining) and BST from Jack. Only Brothers will do this for you. I only had to type this article and to foot the bill. Jack's spanking high end high tech weighing scale can be seen in the second pic. Sorry Bro, couldn't resist :P

However this is not the end of the story for this post. To ensure I won't get taxed by our dear customs when the gearbox internals are returned, every part had to be individually numbered and declared with proper documentation. And I mean everything including the very smallest washer, clip and o-ring. This unfortunately resulted in the first shipment being returned to Jack as said parts were not declared. Super Major Bummer or should I say in Hokkien "K*nneh!"

So Jack had to re-open up the nice packaging, remove all the parts and then together with Ah Tiong do more dis-assembly and relabeling work. Decision was made to not send all the washers, etc and just the bare bone parts that were to receive the super treatment work. Pictures below showing the fruits of their efforts. Jack said it was more like durian as the whole ordeal proved to be very thorny and prickly.

After all the major BST, what was left was to send the parts hope for the best..

Picture below shows the parts safely arrived @ Greg's place in the US after a week or so. Hurray!

A couple days later I received this email from Greg.

More to follow..


Wai said...

Hello, would like your input on shipping costs, I was quoted 190 USD to ship an anti roll bar from US to MY. Do you think that price is normal?

If you want to bring this privately can I have your email?

Andrew Saw said...

Should be whereabouts assuming air freight. Arbs are not light. You can actually get a quotation from the bigger forwarders such as UPS, FedEx and DHL assuming you know the weight and dimensions of the shipping box. Just go to their website.

nexusexc said...

How about taxation? I saw somewhere in one of your posts that our beloved customs tax 43% for automotive parts.

I actually came about your blog while searching for wilwood in malaysia. I was interested to get some DPHA calipers but am still wondering how much would the shipping and taxation part hit me.

I know there is some wilwood distributor in singapore but they don't apparently carry DPHA calipers and don't seem willing to backorder them for me.

Else, i can always fallback to spoon twinblocks.