Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Third Quarter Progress Review

Remember I had a list of mod jobs at the turn of the year? Well it is now September and below's the current progress:

  • Settle the BC Racing ER coilover damper problem - Still in limbo. 
  • More DIY weight reduction jobs - I seem to be adding weight to Sharkie lately :( 
  • Tidying up the engine bay including possibly some AN plumbing changes for better packaging - Still procrastinating.
  • Proper aero work - Partly done. APR GTC-200 rear wing installed. Front splitter next. 
  • New headlights and rear lights - Can't bring myself to spend a couple grand. Only managed a restoration job for the front headlights. 
  • New seat rails - Done. Bride RO seat rails installed.
  • Revisit the oil catch can setup - Still procrastinating 
  • More carbon and unobtanium parts - Work in progress. Got some parts due to be installed. Stay tuned. 
  • Add more chassis stiffness and rigidity - Zero progress.
  • Add rear arb - Decided on make. Currently in design and manufacturing. Stay tuned.
  • Wider rims and wider tyres - Maybe next year? 
  • Corner weight the car - Ditto
  • Knock detection - Ditto
  • Seat harness - Bought. Stay tuned. 
  • Cylinder head job including new cams - Maybe next year or 2016 :) 
  • Relook into the induction setup. Perhaps a proper airbox? - Ditto 
  • Improve engine bay heat management - Got some ideas and bought some stuff. Other than this, still procrastinating.
  • Paint job (again) - Done. 
  • Install Wilwood brake rotors - Done. 
  • Install WPC oil pump - Still sitting nicely in my cabinet while I procrastinate.

I also added a gearbox upgrade project which is also in limbo due to shipping cost concerns. 

Hope to make up some more progress and lost time as we move towards the end of the year. Please add more positive comments/ideas in this blog or likes in my FB page to get me moving faster.


shawn said...

what is your fb page Andrew?

Andrew Saw said...

Hi Shawn,

I don't have a specific FB page for The N16 Files. Just my own personal which is provided as a link on the right side of this blog.