Sunday, June 15, 2014

Functional Bling - APR GTC-200 Adjustable Wing Installed

Decided I was going to install the APR wing at the paint shop itself rather than drive home first then install just in case there were install issues which proved a sound decision (more on this below). Picture below of the monster @ the paint shop awaiting it's wing job.

Sharkie was gleaming so much I just had to take a second photo shot.

The painter (Ah Siang, Advancetech) did an excellent job. He even gave all of Sharkie a good polish. Here's how Sharkie's uplifted butt errr boot lid looks like.

Holes drilled on the inner frame. The holes are required to clear the socket wrenches used to tighten the nuts to the wing base studs. While the quality of the external paint work is top notch this (internal paint/drill job) is just passable to me. While the timeless adage "what you don't see doesn't matter that much" applies to many people it does to me. Feedback given to Ah Siang.

My APR GTC-200 sitting on one of the handy rubber lined stands Ah Siang has for installing and prepping bodywork parts. The stand is very handy for any work to be done on the wing and minimizes any risk of scratches/contact marks from clumsy people like me.

So now all that's left is to install the wing, badges/emblems and number plates. The badges are a no brainer. The wing install is where the problem starts. If you observe then measure the N16 FL1 and 2's boot lid really carefully you will notice that it is slightly curved in two orientations towards the rear and outer side edges. Because I specified for the wing base plates to be as close to the rear edge of the boot lid  to maximize aero effect and for the mounts wider apart (38" vs 29.5" for a std universal GTC-200) for personal aesthetic preference, the two rear pedestal bases on each side would not sit flush with the boot lid on the rear and outer edges. Using the carbon plates I had cut as the base actually worsen the effect as cf is stiff and not flexible/pliable. Big big bummer!!!!

After taking most of the morning and installing and removing the wing a couple times, me and Tao held up our hands and asked for help from Ah Siang. It took just a couple hits from the mallet of Ah Siang's panel beater for the pedestal bases to sit perfectly flush. The advice was to use the cf plates I had cut used as reinforcement on the bottom surface of the boot lid to help provide additional support by spreading the load on the boot lid. Next time, don't be a smart alec and ask the pros first.

Proceeded with the installation and all the pedestal mount bases sit flush with the boot lid now.

Close up on the carbon weave. Build quality is as good as it gets!

I set the wing @ 0 Angle of Attack (AOA) using the latest EAM (Eyeballing Aided Measurement) method. Need to get APR's wing angle indicator tool for a precise set up. Even @ 0 AOA the GTC-200 from APR's CFD data is expected to generate 78.5 lbs (35.7 kg) of downforce at the expense of only 8.4 lbs (3.8kg) of drag @ 80 mph (128 km/h). This rises to 123.4 lbs of downforce (56.1 kg) and 12.5 lbs (5.7kg) of drag @ 100 mp/h or 160 km/h. This is akin to having a slim adult woman sit on your boot at 160 km/h with much less drag of course so the effect is more than just aesthetics. Anyway here's how the wing looks like installed.

Aesthetically IMHO, the GTC-200 can look Beng or fierce depending on personal preference and which angle you look at it. Also, from the pictures the GTC-200 might actually look wider than the car but it isn't. Total span including side plates came up to 1550mm/155cm or 61.0236". Diagram below depicts the N16's dimensions including total width which is 169.5cm.

I might try the optional Gurney Flap for additional downforce later as per picture below. Picture courtesy of EAS. Might also try different shape sideplates if and when budget allows.

APR also sell a riser that will raise the installed height on the GTC-200 an additional 2.5" (63.5mm) as per picture above if the standard height is insufficient. I doubt I will be trying that unless Sharkie becomes a pro TA/track car like Mike Kojima's Dog 3. Pictures from the man himself below.

I will definitely need a proper front splitter and a rear diffuser to balance out the aero. The development never stops.


shawn said...

Hey Andrew,

love the spoiler and how it is fully functional instead of just the looks.

I was wondering if APR has rear wing made for hatchbacks? I've checked their website, they only have drag wings

Andrew Saw said...

Hi Shawn,

Not sure. Haven't actually seen their wing on a hatchback myself. You might want to contact APR @ to see if they have anything in the works.

shawn said...

Thanks, just emailed them :)

keep up the good work on your ride. Enjoy reading about it.

Andrew Saw said...

Thanks Shawn. May I know what car you're driving?

shawn said...
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Andrew Saw said...

Nice! Believe there should be some good stuff avail for the Ignis from the likes of Monster Sport and Suzuki Sport (now integrated with Monster Sport)

ammank classic said...

Nice grill.