Sunday, May 18, 2014

APR GTC-200 Adjustable Wing Enhancements

Made some "enhancements" to my wing. First was to replace the APR supplied fasteners with titanium equivalents. Only the side plate fasteners were stainless steel. Everything else is anti-rust plated mild steel. Managed to replace everything except the M6 40mm studs. Picture below of the titanium fasteners.

The price of Pro-Bolt titanium fasteners are getting prohibitive and they do not make mushroom shaped dome head bolts so my fasteners were actually supplied by 3 different suppliers - Pro-Bolt, Hyper Bolt and Competition Fasteners. All are from the UK though and the current conversion rate (1 GBP = 5.7 Malaysian Ringgits) is painful :(

I had the cf plates which I bought from APR cut to the shape and size I wanted. Tao did the cutting. Thanks Bro! These will be used as the base and reinforcement for the pedestal mounts.

I might cut larger base plates later. Pictures of large(r) base plates below. Pictures courtesy of APR Performance FB site. What do you think?

Had the wing PPS Teflon coated by the good guys @ Shine Guard. This should help keep the wing in tip top condition throughout its working life on Sharkie. Did this out of necessity as the clear coat on the Mine's wing (especially the side plates) would fade only after a couple years despite constant TLC waxing.

The wing and rear boot lid is currently at the paint shop for installation and painting. Yes, I decided to buy a brand new boot lid vs getting a used one. Cost me RM 960 just for the boot. Can't wait to see the finished article..

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