Saturday, April 26, 2014

APR GTC-200 Adjustable Wing Here!

I've been in communication with both Voltex and APR the past year on a proper (aero downforce wise) rear wing for Sharkie. In the end I made the decision to purchase the APR GTC-200 because as the smallest wing in APR's GTC range it is ok aero effect wise for a non-widebody Sharkie. Being not so large helps with the cost and resulting hole in the wallet too. To put things in perspective my GTC-200 (60.5 inches or 1536.7mm span) cost me USD 1031.64 including shipping but not including tax. A Voltex Type 1 (1500mm span) will cost me 130,000 yen for the wet lay-up carbon version while the Type 1S (1480mm span) is 145,000 yen. We have not added the shipping cost yet let alone tax.

The other factor that helped me with my decision was the fact that APR launched a new generation/update of the GTC-200 late last year. The new GTC-200 makes more downforce when compared to the original GTC-200 primarily due to a larger span, larger chord and more aggressive camber. You can refer to the new GTC-200's CFD data here. If you still want more downforce you can go for the larger wings in APR's 3D airfoil (GT) GTC range or try the new 2D airfoil GT range. Bear in mind aerodynamics is all about Balance so if you have big downforce acting on the rear of the car you will need equivalent downforce at the front to avoid terminal understeer.

After many email exchanges with Tony from APR, my GTC-200 arrived safe and sound @ my doorstep via FEDEX. I ordered the GTC-200 universal model albeit with some customizing (more on that below). Picture below of the packaging.

The white box contains two 12" x 12" (304.8mm x 304.8mm) flat cf sheets which I additionally ordered from APR. The plan is to cut this down to the size and shape I want to be used as the base for my wing.

The packaging was very well thought out and executed with everything wrapped with bubble wrap and also fine lint free paper like some lingerie :) Picture below of the inner packaging and the wing after unwrapping.

The cf flat sheets are also very nicely packaged and wrapped in similar fine paper.

APR claims that each GTC wing is made from lightweight and durable carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite and contain pre-pregnated woven carbon fibre sheets for superior strength and low weight. All CFRP airfoils are made using pre-pregnated composite manufacturing processes (i.e high temperature autoclave and vacuum bagging) in high quality billet aluminium moulds. My own assessment is that the wing is primarily made from FRP with a couple layers of prepreg cf for strength and aesthetics. The GTC-200 is also clear coated for protection against the elements. Close up of the wing and carbon weave. Perfect!

I specified a distance of 38" or 965.2mm between the two pedestals/bracket mounts. The bolts/studs for the mounting bases should hopefully fit in the holes on the boot's under frame else will have to do some cutting.

Top part of the mounting bracket/pedestal is already installed on the wing.

The wing side plates, lower mount brackets, base plates, fasteners, etc are in this box. Only the fasteners for the side plates are stainless steel. Mount brackets are 10mm 6061 billet aluminium alloy powdercoated flat (matte) black.

Close up of a side plate.

Apart from a one page install sheet, there is also a page on warranty terms and conditions and two colourful brochures. The decals are for the side plates.

My current boot lid has already been patched up once for mount holes from the once upon a time failed carbon Nismo spoiler/duckbill project and there is going to be another 4 more holes to patch up once I remove the Mine's wing. Probably better to get a virgin boot lid to mount the GTC-200. I am still undecided if I want to get a brand new boot lid or a used one from a JDM G10 Bluebird Sylphy.

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