Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kyo-El Leggdura Racing Lug Nuts

Got this for my Fit but like them so much I might get a set for Sharkie when I upgrade my wheels. At only ~ MYR 300 (9001 yen including shipping) for a set of 16 lug nuts including security socket from RHD Japan these are a steal. In comparison the Rays cost me  >RM 500. If you can get a set of Standard Length Rays for less than the Leggduras these are Not Genuine to put it bluntly. Made by the same oem manufacturer as the Rays Engineering Duralumin Lug Nuts and featuring the same lightweight A7075 T6 aluminium material. Weight @ 22 grammes per lug nut is even lighter than the equivalent Rays (24g).

Dimensions of the Leggdura Racing lug nut courtesy of Kyo-El's website.

Honda uses a different M12 X 1.5 mm thread pitch vs 1.25 mm for Nissan and Toyota. Picture below of me Leggduras. What colour do you expect? The brack anodizing is more glossy than the matt coloured Rays.

If you like bling, the Leggdura Racing lug nut is available in a choice of 7 colours!

But no neon colours unfortunately. 

Some of you will ask what will I be doing with my Rays Duralumin Long Type lug nuts? These are still for sale! Self poisoning also means the thought of titanium lug nuts is still simmering somewhere at the back of my mind. 

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