Monday, March 31, 2014

Brake Bits n Pieces

My Wilwood SL6R calipers are still doing fine (touch wood) but I got new o-ring seals just in case. Don't wanna wait till the current seals fail then only decide to get as the lead time is 2 weeks or so as the seals are shipped from the US assuming there is stock. Bought 2 sets of kits i.e. one kit per caliper. There are 6 o-rings per kit and each o-ring is designed specifically for the caliper and specific piston size which in my case is 2 seals each for 1.62", 1.12" and 1.12". Picture below of the seals.

Cost is USD 45 including shipping to Oregon in the US. O-ring is made of high strength rubber and designed to withstand the different formulations of today's regular and racing brake fluids. Picture below of the part number.

I might order some new (caliper) pistons in the near future. Circle Track has an excellent article on rebuilding a Wilwood Superlite caliper. You can read about it here.

I also got a new brake fluid reservoir cap from TCEAS. Nothing wrong with the current cap cept very dirty and hard to clean. I know I know.. I am just being anal here..

Picture below of the cap. Cost me a not insignificant RM 80.75 after discount. Made in Japan mah!

Installed on the car.

Need more (lots of) time to clean up the surrounding area. Can't replace everything :P

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