Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Coolant Reservoir Tank

Small hairline cracks had started to develop strangely on only one particular area on the coolant reservoir tank (picture below) so I decided to get it replaced before the cracks become a hole. Blamed this on the heat from the engine bay slowly degrading the tank's plastic after close to eight years. Tao joked that this was due to excessive cleaning :P Apparently the crack and location is nothing new and I'm not the first to be afflicted.

Purchased a brand new tank from TCEAS. Expected to pay three figures and was pleasantly surprised when the bill was only RM 70ish. At such a cheapish price I expected the tank to be made in Bolehland but it is actually made in Taiwan. Comes pre-fitted with a rubber hose to be connected to the rad.

Install took bout 15 minutes as the tank is only held in place with one M6 bolt. Be careful not to spill too much of the coolant as you pour it from the old to new tank. Picture below of the spanky new tank installed.

If you're wondering, the coolant I am using is Neo Keep Cool mixed with good old H2O. Of course a custom fabricated aluminium reservoir with AN hoses will look trick but will also massively add to the cost and adding more weight. I'll stick with the stock tank unless the poisoning gets out of control..

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