Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014! Shark Evolution

Time really flies. Am already into the second year of the Shark and the eighth year of ownership of this very special (to me) Nissan Sentra N16. As usual I could not have made it this far all by myself. Thank You shout outs go to the regular suspects. You know who you are :) Special recognition however goes to two gentlemen for all the poisoning, advice, agony uncle and all other special assistance which I shall not bore you with. They are Bro Mugil and Jack. Thank You!

Like the year before, the Shark's 2014 build will be more of an evolution (i.e. smaller improvements) vs the major build in 2012. There will be one major change though which will give me more time to work on the car and to focus purely on speed and go faster mods. The Shark will soon no longer be my daily driver. More to follow on this.

In the meantime below is the ever growing list of mod jobs for 2014. Mods are what I can think and/or already working on and might or might not happen this year. Due to our dear government's efforts to ever increase the cost of living there will definitely be some austerity measures which will impact the mods. Nevertheless here we go in no particular priority:
  • Settle the BC Racing ER coilover damper problem
  • More DIY weight reduction jobs
  • Tidying up the engine bay including possibly some AN plumbing changes for better packaging 
  • Proper aero work 
  • New headlights and rear lights
  • New seat rails
  • Revisit the oil catch can setup 
  • More carbon and unobtanium parts
  • Add more chassis stiffness and rigidity. 
  • Add rear arb
  • Wider rims and wider tyres 
  • Corner weight the car 
  • Knock detection 
  • Seat harness 
  • Cylinder head job including new cams
  • Relook into the induction setup. Perhaps a proper airbox?
  • Improve engine bay heat management
  • Paint job (again)
  • Install Wilwood brake rotors
  • Install WPC oil pump