Friday, December 27, 2013

New Door Outer Mouldings

I replaced all four of my door outer mouldings. This is the boring looking black plastic/rubber piece just below your windows on the outer side of the door. Every door has one. Initially wanted to replace only two but it looked kinda mismatch due to the different shade of black between the new and old mouldings so had to replace all four. After 7.5 years, the original mouldings were looking kinda iffy with scratches and even hairline cracks all over the place. Here's how two of the well used mouldings look like. Structurally still very usable but definitely not good aesthetically. Our Malaysian sun very strong lah!

Here's pictures of the new mouldings. Didn't bother to take all four as the replacement jobs were done about a month or so apart as TCEAS does not keep ready stock so had to order. 

Looks boring till you hear the costs involved. Cost breakup is as follows: 
  • Front doors are longer so the outer moulding will cost more @ RM 99.0 per piece after discount. You need two so it's RM 198. 
  • Rears are RM88.2 per piece after discount so it's RM 176.4 total.
  • Labour charge from TCEAS was RM35 per door so total RM140
  • Total cost came up to 198 + 176.4 + 140 = RM514.4

In summary, Ouch! Nissan parts are definitely not cheap. Mouldings are made in Thailand. Took the opportunity to also clean the area of all the dirt and grime before installing the new mouldings. Picture below of front driver (right hand) side door. 

Rear left hand side. 

The end result. Difficult to take a decent picture with all the reflection. 

Part numbers:
  • Front Door Outer Moulding (LHS): 80821-8M600B
  • Front Door Outer Moulding (RHS): 80820-8M600B
  • Rear Door Outer Moulding (LHS): 82821-8M600B
  • Rear Door Outer Moulding (RHS): 82821-8M600B

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