Monday, December 30, 2013

Mine's Multi Select Rear Wing for Sale - SOLD!

My Mine's Multi Select Carbon Fibre Rear Wing is for Sale! This is a genuine Mine's Japan wing and is constructed of carbon fibre which means its functional, light and strong. The wing is even lighter than the duckbill spoiler found on MYDM FL2 Slowtras. Further details can be found @ Mine's website here. You can also find the write up in my blog here (installed) and here. Wing cost me 105,750 Japanese Yen including shipping and tax. Wing is no longer in production. In today's Bolehland Ringgits this is around RM 3300.

Wing was originally meant for a Nissan Fairlady Z33 but fits any N16 sedan. Have also seen "replica" or knock-off el cheapo fibreglass or plastic only versions on Altis, Vios, Chevrolet Optra and even a Kia Forte. Unfortunately like any popular speed part there are bound to be lots of replicas and knock-offs. Also the Mine's Multi Select wing fits any BMW 3 Series E36, E46, etc. as apart from the end plates is similar to the AC Schnitzer wing for BMWs from once upon a time.

A recent picture here. Wing is adjustable for Angle of Attack. Fasteners have been replaced with stainless steel equivalents.

I am asking for RM 800 negotiable. Wing is in very very good condition having been regularly detailed with Autoglym products. End plates have also been refurbished last year with a fresh coat of clear coat. Serious enquiries only pls sms/call 012-4990807.

Stop Press! Wing has been bought by Bro Mugil

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