Saturday, December 14, 2013


Apart from "releasing" more pictures and details of the long missing in action MXL2, AIM has also just released details of the new MXG dash logger. The MXG brings AIM up to date with the latest technology display wise via a 7" high contrast 1100 lumen TFT display. Per AIM you can create as many pages as you wish, showing in different fonts and dimensions all data/info received by the MXG, as well as math channels. More details and specs in AIM's FB page. Price is estimated at around US$ 2599.00. Pictures and drawing below courtesy of AIM.

The availability date for the MXL2 is now February or Q1 2014 which is about 1 year later than originally promised. I don't yet have the availability date for the MXG but there should be sufficient time to start saving :)

Stop Press! AIM has just announced that the release date for MXL2 & MXG will be during the 1st Quarter of 2014. This means anytime from January to March.


hmph said...

Hmmm looks like the MXG won't fit your dash or mine lah bro :-(

Andrew Saw said...

Hmm... you're most probl correct Bro. But at the price AIM is asking for the MXG there are other alternatives including this: