Monday, November 18, 2013

Carbon Pillar Trim/Garnish

Getting any off-the-shelf carbon fibre parts specific for the N16 is next to impossible. There are some nice carbon parts for the USDM B15 including bonnet/hood, rear boot/trunk lid but these won't fit the N16 due to the different front and rear end styling Nissan uses for different markets. However I theorized carbon pillar garnish/trims for the B & C door pillars meant for the B15 should also fit the N16 which led me to a worldwide hunt... OK.. I just typed "B15 Sentra carbon pillars" on Google.

Got this from a US supplier on eBay. These have a real carbon layer unlike the fake 3M sticker stuff commonly available in Bolehland nowadays. Cost including should be between 300-340 smackers (USD 101.72) depending on the exchange rate. Picture of the nice packaging

Includes a brochure.

Opening the box revealed the following. There is an adhesive layer on the packaging which the carbon pillar trims adhere to to prevent movement and damage during shipping. Cool! But why so many pieces?

Picture below of the door pillars If you look there are already 4 sections each side not including the thin piece of plastic sectioning the rear door window but frankly I would just cover up the plastic and leave the smaller rubberized section alone.
Other side has a adhesive layer. Peel of the red backing tape and stick the carbon pillar garnish to your car's pillar.

Close up. Having done something similar during my SP days unfortunately this does not meet my quality standards. Seems to be only one layer of carbon cloth and too much epoxy or gel resulting in something too thick for my liking.

Also the carbon pillar garnish is slightly shorter than the pillar on the N16 by a couple mm.

I have decided not to use this and will custom make my own. Letting go for half the cost I bought this for. Anyone interested please contact me.


kimura said...

Where to buy? Give me seller number.

Andrew Saw said...

Pls give me your email address and I will be in contact.

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