Monday, October 21, 2013

New Rear Badges

This initially started out as an effort to replace the "Sentra" badge which was beginning to looked a tad worn and faded. Got the badge from TCEAS. Cost me less than a hundred smackers if my memory serves me right.

While surfing around the web I came across the Juke Nismo. What caught my eye was not the fugly crossover vehicle but the new style Nismo badge attached to it's rear. Here's how the new style Nismo badge looks like.

But wait... Don't I already have a Nismo badge on the Shark? Those of you following The N16 Files from its early days will know that I sourced a Nismo badge from Bro Eu Jin more than 5 years ago. Research revealed that Nismo started using the new style badge on all its 2013 onwards models. This includes the Juke, 370Z, the errr... Almera Nismo Concept and it's SuperGT GT500 and GT3 R35 GTR racecars. Here's how the badge looks like on a 2013 GT500 R35. Picture courtesy of Nismo website.

Which means my Nismo badge is now "obsolete". Still looks as good as new though. I first asked Bro Eu Jin earlier in the year for the new style Nismo badge but was not available then. 6+ months down the road, Eu Jin contacted me with the good news that the badge is now available. I placed an order for the badge and 1+ month later the below arrived via Pos Laju.

The next time you (and yours truly included) ding parts made in China please bear in mind where even the likes of Nismo nowadays make some of their parts from. Yes, The People's Republic of China. So much for JDM. From picture below quality still looks first class. Compare this with all the replicas/fakes out there and frankly you have to be blind to not see the difference (in quality and finish).

Took me bout forty minutes to DIY install both badges. Masking tape is to help with the alignment.

The end result. The new style Nismo badge is smaller when compared with the old style badge. IMHO would have preferred for it to be the same size as the old style badge. Cost me bout 80% the cost of the old style badge or RM3XX. Made in China doesn't mean it's cheap :( For actual pricing check with Bro Eu Jin.

Having a lighter wallet also helps to improve the Shark's power to weight ratio.

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