Monday, September 16, 2013

Hellaflush Yo! Part 2

I test fitted one side of the rear as requested by BC Racing NA whom are coming up with a solution. Pictures below of my rear BR vs ER. The ER is already adjusted to max (tallest) height while I believe there is still some room left on the BR.

Measurements revealed the following:
  • My rear BC Racing BRs are currently set at about 645mm which is about 10mm (0.4") lower than stock.
  • The rear ERs at tallest height adjustment will give me a 620mm ride height which is 35mm or ~1.4" lower than stock. 
  • This means that both the front and rear ERs at tallest height adjustment will give a ride height ~35-36mm or 1.4" lower than stock at both ends. 

Picture of the rear right hand side with ER coilover damper and wheel installed. 

From a higher angle. 

More to follow once I hopefully have an update. BC Racing NA have been helpful unlike the vendor where I bought my ERs from.  

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