Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rays Engineering Duralumin Lug Nuts Long Type

Once upon a time before Slowtra became Sharkie I went nuts and purchased a set of Rays Engineering Duralumin Lug Nuts Long Type which I have uh.. not used since purchasing. I was actually thinking then of upgrading to longer length lugs with rim/wheel spacers hence the need for longer lug nuts to accommodate the additional length of extended wheel lugs. Rays Engineering (also more popularly called Rays Wheels nowadays) actually make several type of lug nuts in different lengths. Picture below illustrate the different lug nut lengths and weight.

I was and am currently still using the standard length type. You can read up on that in my previous blog posting.

Picture below of my lug nuts. Colour has to be black of course. This is the older style discontinued packaging if I'm not mistaken.

Opening the packaging reveals 20 slugs sorry lug nuts (16 are standard lug nuts while 4 are 7-sided nut which can only be removed with the specially designed socket that comes with the set.

The standard lug nut. Size is M12 x 1.25. Length is 50 mm. You will need a 19mm socket to install/remove the lug nut on/from your rim/wheel. For extra bling you can use the Cusco Smart Cross Wrench! :)

The 7 sided heptagonal nut.

I am still undecided if I want to install this or try some super bling but also super expensive titanium lug nuts. Bought my set for RM600 and will listen to any offer in the RM500++ range. Give me an offer I can't refuse. Please note this is the real deal, Brand New and not a fake which costs 3 times cheaper. You can read up more on fake/counterfeit/replica Rays lug nuts here. I don't have to tell you about the safety risk of fake lug nuts as the strength and durability of this is unknown and most definitely compromised. Bet you won't want your wheels to loosen or worse still come off at speed due to failed lug nuts.

Also having used the Standard (Length) Type lug nuts for years, these do not discolour or fade unlike cheap fakes. Well the black colour at least as I have no experience with the red or blue anodized colours.

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