Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nismo Exhaust Hangers

Seized the opportunity to upgrade Sharkie's exhaust hangers when I found out Nismo made equivalents in solid rubber. Those of you who know me from my SP days will know that I upgraded SP's exhaust hangers to Ralliart Group N items which are not solid but made from higher durometer (stiffer) rubber. The stiffer exhaust hangers prevent the exhaust from moving too much under hard acceleration and deceleration/braking leading to long term stress related failures and cracks. The stock exhaust hangers are too soft, come with big cut outs than contribute to even more softness and degrade and get worse over time.

Diagram below show's the N16/B15's exhaust hangers. 4 exhaust hangers are used and there are 2 types/shapes of exhaust hangers but I know Nismo only make one version which is the same as the exhaust hangers used for the rear muffler - in red rectangles in the picture below.

I bought 3 Nismo exhaust hangers. One is for spare. Part number is 20651-RS230. Each hanger costs 1000 yen or RM 32+ or so depending on the MYR to Yen exchange rate. Don't forget to add shipping which came up to 1920 yen for me via EMS air freight. Got my Nismo exhaust hangers from IRS Japan.

Picture of the Nismo exhaust hanger.

Mounted on Sharkie. The rear exhaust hanger is stock as Nismo does not make an equivalent. Notice the big cut out on the stock hanger.

The other side.

NVH is definitely worse than stock even with only 50% of Sharkie's exhaust hangers upgraded. Nothing more than an irritant with the occasional clutch chatter noise, exhaust growl, turbine whine, BOV release whoosh, tyre roar etc. :)

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