Friday, July 5, 2013

Full Circle - Back to Fog Light Covers

Decided to close up the two holes on The Shark's bumper where the fog lights used to reside but had to make way as the left hand side fog light was fouling the intercooler piping. While the holes initially looked fierce akin race cooling vents (who am I kidding?) after awhile I started to feel the holes looked "ghetto" or like Sharkie's bumper was incomplete. This niggling feeling did not go away so I decided to cover them up with fog light covers like a stock Slowtra SG trim.

Since I sold my original covers after fitting fog lights I had to buy back new ones from TC. Cost was not an insubstantial MYR 1XX for a pair without painting. If only I could read the future in 2007. Sigh.. Picture below of the fog light covers.

Painting cost me RM60 and install took bout 5 minutes for both covers as these just snap on to the bumper. No fouling issues as the cover is many times thinner (less depth) than a fog light.

Right hand side. Looks neater eh? I can argue the cover reduces aero drag and possibly lift ;)

Left hand side.

Wonder if anyone can replicate these in carbon fibre for me?


loy said...

how much?Where can i get this

Andrew Saw said...

Kindly read and understand the post.