Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whiteline Front Lower Arm Bushes

Second part to arrive for my front lower arm upgrade are the Whiteline bushes. The N16/B15/G10 uses two different sets of bushes for the front lower arm. These are called the lower inner front and lower inner rear bushing. Whiteline specifies two types of lower inner rear bushes - the standard and one which gives increase positive caster (+0.5 degrees) in the suspension geometry. Positive caster helps stability by causing the tyre to lean into turns when the wheel is turned increasing traction. Part number for the Whiteline inner front bush is W52148 while the increased positive caster inner rear bush is W53427. The standard inner rear bush is W53430. Like my Whiteline front ARB link kit, the bushes were supplied by Simon Oh from SP Line Trading. Simon got my address spot on this time ;) Cost came up to slightly more than 650 moolahs. Simon tells me the bushes are 75 shore in regards to the durometer or hardness of the bush. This is probably >more than a 100% increase when compared to stock.

Picture below of me bushes still in its packaging. The bushes are made from Whiteline's proprietary Synthetic Elastomer material.

The inner front bush. Whiteline supplies whatever is necessary for the bush to be installed onto the front lower arm, a go faster decal and sachet of grease for each bush kit.

The inner rear bush with offset internal hole to give additional positive caster. The provided sachet of grease also seems to have a leak but it's contents also seem more or less intact.

I now need to get a set of new front lower arms to complete the puzzle.

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