Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Toyo Proxes R1Rs Installed

Installed my R1Rs a couple weeks ago. Bought from and installed the tyres at SSR Racing in Bukit Tengah. I actually found this shop from Toyo Malaysia's website after looking all over Penang island to no luck. Best of all SSR Racing are just a couple km from my house. They also gave me a good deal on the R1Rs (RM 520 per tyre) and good trade in for my Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TTs. Took just bout a week or so to order and for the tyres to arrive at the shop. These are apparently the last set of 215-45 17" in Bolehland. I confirmed on the year of manufacture which was late 2012 just to ensure it wasn't old stock. Picture of me tyres as I arrive at SSR Racing for the install. Pardon the lousy picture quality from my phone's camera.

Look at the retail price!

Mounted on two of me Work rims and waiting to go on the car.

Picture of the Shark post install awaiting alignment.

SSR Racing are pretty basic when it comes to installation. They did a fairly decent job but do not offer the newer bells and whistle like nitrogen and on-wheel/car high speed balancing. They don't even shine me brand new tyres. Did that myself. Picture below of front RHS rim + tyre after some TLC. I know this is purely personal preference but I really like the tyre sidewall design and graphics. No need for flashy stuff like fire graphics.

The serious stuff. All R1Rs I have seen including mine are made in Japan btw.

Straight away the R1R exhibited more mechanical grip than my SP Sport Maxx TTs. Wheelspin is reduced as expected but not eliminated. To further reduce wheelspin will mean 225 or even better 235 wide tyres. To do this means I will need to go to at least an 8" wide rim. No money lar Bro! The stiffer sidewall and increased grip also results in a better steering feel and sharper more precise corner turn in. Tyres work from cold and I did not noticed any decreased grip during early morning sprints to work. Wet weather performance is pretty decent so long as you don't go drive like a WRC stage during a heavy downpour. I am currently running 240 kPa for both front and rear and will further experiment with different tyre pressures to see if this improves performance.

Tyre noise is also as expected more given the aggressiveness of the thread pattern. If you already find something like the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 on 17" tyres a tad noisy don't bother with the R1R. These tyres will sing their own tune/noise at all speeds even when new and one would expect the noise to increase as the tyres wear. Don't say I didn't warn ya. A stiffer sidewall also results in a stiffer ride like one has increased the damping stiffness or gone for firmer shocks. Also given the stickiness of the compound, these tyres are a sand magnet and will pick up all sorts of sand, etc on its surface. I have currently used the R1Rs for more than 400 km and will report on the performance and wear after further use.


hmph said...

Can't wait for the comparison point with the soon to arrive other goodies heheheheh

Andrew Saw said...

We shall see Bro :)

YamtuanAntah Shukor said...

Hi Mr Andrew, awesome car you got there. Fyi, I'm planning to buy an N16 this year. But I'm confused which model to buy, either 1.8cc auto (Yr 2006) or. 1.6 manual (Yr 2009). The reason for such confusion is because I'm worried about fuel consumption and performance. Really need your advice on this. As this would be my first car. Thank you.

Andrew Saw said...

Can't have fuel consumption and performance together. It's one or the other.

YamtuanAntah Shukor said...

Tq sir. Thus, the fuel consumption for 1.8 auto. Is it too costly?

Andrew Saw said...

Dunno. Never owned a 1.8 auto.