Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My BC Racing BR Coilover Shocks are for Sale (RESERVED)

Having enjoyed my BC Racing BR Series coilovers so much I am probably upgrading to the top spec ER series. This means my BRs are for sale. To recap my BRs are "RH" spec which means the top mounts are lightweight aluminium alloy with Japan spec spherical bearings. If you are worried about the noise you can use back your stock rubber mounts. To recap the specs:
  • Monotube, 46mm piston in a 53mm damper body
  • Front lower strut mounts are heavy duty powder coated carbon steel while rears are aluminium alloy for lightweight.
  • 30 way damping adjustable (compression and rebound damping combined). Want a comfy every day ride or really stiffen things up for track day. No problem, just adjust the damping to your liking.
  • Independent ride height adjustable. You can go super duper low like the Stance Nation or VIP guys without compromising the suspension travel and performance of the shock. 
  • Each BR shock is individually dyno tested and matched. Slotted bolt holes in the lower mount bracket for the front struts. This gives the option for an extra quarter or half degree of camber to be dialled in.
  • My front spring rate is 7kg/mm and rears are 5 kg/mm. These are plenty comfy to me and likewise my wife has no complains about the ride quality having sat in my car long distance (multiple trips to and back from Penang to KL). Your butt can't be softer than hers. 
The shocks were bought back in late 2011 but Sharkie sat unused for 9 months last year pending the oil change job. This means the BRs have only been used for about 10k km maybe slightly more. There are many tens of thousands of kilometres worth of life left in them. Besides, these coilover dampers are rebuildable so no need to throw away when the seals are worn. 

Don't ask me how these shocks compare with the Nismo S-Tune, Titans,and other Boleh made shocks performance wise. There is NO comparison. These shocks are fully track day capable and will more than hold their own against the Tein Superstreet or Flex. Even Honda/Acura NSX owners have fitted the same shocks to their cars and have excellent feedback and review. You can read more here.

More details and extensive pictures of my BRs can be found @:
I am asking RM 1.6K for my BRs. The manual, C spanners to adjust the ride height, etc are all available. A brand new set will cost approximately RM3.6K. This is just about enough to buy you a new sale promo price Nismo S-Tune  which the BC Racing BR will eat for lunch, breakfast and dinner with room to spare for tea, supper and snacks in between. Serious enquiries please contact me via email ( or call 012-4990807. Per norm, please do me and yourself a favour by not contacting me offering some ridiculously low best price. 

And lastly the shocks are still on Sharkie and will only be available mid-July. Need some time for my new shocks to get manufactured :)

Stop Press! The BC BRs have been Reserved. Thanks for all the interest.  

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