Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My BC Racing BR Coilover Shocks are for Sale (RESERVED)

Having enjoyed my BC Racing BR Series coilovers so much I am probably upgrading to the top spec ER series. This means my BRs are for sale. To recap my BRs are "RH" spec which means the top mounts are lightweight aluminium alloy with Japan spec spherical bearings. If you are worried about the noise you can use back your stock rubber mounts. To recap the specs:
  • Monotube, 46mm piston in a 53mm damper body
  • Front lower strut mounts are heavy duty powder coated carbon steel while rears are aluminium alloy for lightweight.
  • 30 way damping adjustable (compression and rebound damping combined). Want a comfy every day ride or really stiffen things up for track day. No problem, just adjust the damping to your liking.
  • Independent ride height adjustable. You can go super duper low like the Stance Nation or VIP guys without compromising the suspension travel and performance of the shock. 
  • Each BR shock is individually dyno tested and matched. Slotted bolt holes in the lower mount bracket for the front struts. This gives the option for an extra quarter or half degree of camber to be dialled in.
  • My front spring rate is 7kg/mm and rears are 5 kg/mm. These are plenty comfy to me and likewise my wife has no complains about the ride quality having sat in my car long distance (multiple trips to and back from Penang to KL). Your butt can't be softer than hers. 
The shocks were bought back in late 2011 but Sharkie sat unused for 9 months last year pending the oil change job. This means the BRs have only been used for about 10k km maybe slightly more. There are many tens of thousands of kilometres worth of life left in them. Besides, these coilover dampers are rebuildable so no need to throw away when the seals are worn. 

Don't ask me how these shocks compare with the Nismo S-Tune, Titans,and other Boleh made shocks performance wise. There is NO comparison. These shocks are fully track day capable and will more than hold their own against the Tein Superstreet or Flex. Even Honda/Acura NSX owners have fitted the same shocks to their cars and have excellent feedback and review. You can read more here.

More details and extensive pictures of my BRs can be found @:
I am asking RM 1.6K for my BRs. The manual, C spanners to adjust the ride height, etc are all available. A brand new set will cost approximately RM3.6K. This is just about enough to buy you a new sale promo price Nismo S-Tune  which the BC Racing BR will eat for lunch, breakfast and dinner with room to spare for tea, supper and snacks in between. Serious enquiries please contact me via email ( or call 012-4990807. Per norm, please do me and yourself a favour by not contacting me offering some ridiculously low best price. 

And lastly the shocks are still on Sharkie and will only be available mid-July. Need some time for my new shocks to get manufactured :)

Stop Press! The BC BRs have been Reserved. Thanks for all the interest.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whiteline Front Lower Arm Bushes

Second part to arrive for my front lower arm upgrade are the Whiteline bushes. The N16/B15/G10 uses two different sets of bushes for the front lower arm. These are called the lower inner front and lower inner rear bushing. Whiteline specifies two types of lower inner rear bushes - the standard and one which gives increase positive caster (+0.5 degrees) in the suspension geometry. Positive caster helps stability by causing the tyre to lean into turns when the wheel is turned increasing traction. Part number for the Whiteline inner front bush is W52148 while the increased positive caster inner rear bush is W53427. The standard inner rear bush is W53430. Like my Whiteline front ARB link kit, the bushes were supplied by Simon Oh from SP Line Trading. Simon got my address spot on this time ;) Cost came up to slightly more than 650 moolahs. Simon tells me the bushes are 75 shore in regards to the durometer or hardness of the bush. This is probably >more than a 100% increase when compared to stock.

Picture below of me bushes still in its packaging. The bushes are made from Whiteline's proprietary Synthetic Elastomer material.

The inner front bush. Whiteline supplies whatever is necessary for the bush to be installed onto the front lower arm, a go faster decal and sachet of grease for each bush kit.

The inner rear bush with offset internal hole to give additional positive caster. The provided sachet of grease also seems to have a leak but it's contents also seem more or less intact.

I now need to get a set of new front lower arms to complete the puzzle.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Camera

Just got myself a new camera to take over the main picture taking duties for this blog. Wanted something easy to use but with decent picture quality rather than extensive features and/or compact size. I'm no camera/photo taking enthusiast and likewise budget did not stretch to a DSLR. Settled for the Nikon Coolpix P310 upon recommendation from shop. Picture below of the camera courtesy of my HTC h/phone. Cost came up to bout 800 bucks which actually was over my budget by about RM200 but what the heck, I only ever buy a camera every decade or so :P

Pictures from my last two posts and especially my WPC'ed oil pump were taken via this camera.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Toyo Proxes R1Rs Installed

Installed my R1Rs a couple weeks ago. Bought from and installed the tyres at SSR Racing in Bukit Tengah. I actually found this shop from Toyo Malaysia's website after looking all over Penang island to no luck. Best of all SSR Racing are just a couple km from my house. They also gave me a good deal on the R1Rs (RM 520 per tyre) and good trade in for my Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TTs. Took just bout a week or so to order and for the tyres to arrive at the shop. These are apparently the last set of 215-45 17" in Bolehland. I confirmed on the year of manufacture which was late 2012 just to ensure it wasn't old stock. Picture of me tyres as I arrive at SSR Racing for the install. Pardon the lousy picture quality from my phone's camera.

Look at the retail price!

Mounted on two of me Work rims and waiting to go on the car.

Picture of the Shark post install awaiting alignment.

SSR Racing are pretty basic when it comes to installation. They did a fairly decent job but do not offer the newer bells and whistle like nitrogen and on-wheel/car high speed balancing. They don't even shine me brand new tyres. Did that myself. Picture below of front RHS rim + tyre after some TLC. I know this is purely personal preference but I really like the tyre sidewall design and graphics. No need for flashy stuff like fire graphics.

The serious stuff. All R1Rs I have seen including mine are made in Japan btw.

Straight away the R1R exhibited more mechanical grip than my SP Sport Maxx TTs. Wheelspin is reduced as expected but not eliminated. To further reduce wheelspin will mean 225 or even better 235 wide tyres. To do this means I will need to go to at least an 8" wide rim. No money lar Bro! The stiffer sidewall and increased grip also results in a better steering feel and sharper more precise corner turn in. Tyres work from cold and I did not noticed any decreased grip during early morning sprints to work. Wet weather performance is pretty decent so long as you don't go drive like a WRC stage during a heavy downpour. I am currently running 240 kPa for both front and rear and will further experiment with different tyre pressures to see if this improves performance.

Tyre noise is also as expected more given the aggressiveness of the thread pattern. If you already find something like the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 on 17" tyres a tad noisy don't bother with the R1R. These tyres will sing their own tune/noise at all speeds even when new and one would expect the noise to increase as the tyres wear. Don't say I didn't warn ya. A stiffer sidewall also results in a stiffer ride like one has increased the damping stiffness or gone for firmer shocks. Also given the stickiness of the compound, these tyres are a sand magnet and will pick up all sorts of sand, etc on its surface. I have currently used the R1Rs for more than 400 km and will report on the performance and wear after further use.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Smooth and Silky - Oil Pump gets the WPC Treatment

Remember I talked about sending my oil pump for WPC treatment? Well I went ahead and bit the bullet. What I did was buy a brand new oil pump from Greg V of GSpec and Greg will personally disassemble and send the oil pump parts specifically the rotor gears, pressure relief valve piston and bore and oil pump housing for treatment. Upon completion of treatment, WPC will send the oil pump back to Greg whom will then send to my wife who is in the US for work assignment. Sounds simple right? First Greg hurt himself while disassembling the oil pump and then the oil pump arrived literally a couple hours before my wife left for her flight home. Thank goodness all's well ends well.

Original Nissan QG oil pumps for the US domestic market are made in Mexico. At least that's what the casting on the front cover tells me.

Picture below of the oil pump front cover (inner side), inner cover, rotor gears and pressure relief/regulator valve.

WPC treatment dimples the surface on a microscopic level to help maintain a good oil film for better lubrication. It also creates a hard yet smooth and silky feeling surface. This helps to reduce friction and eliminate galling. WPC treatment results in a more efficient and cooler running oil pump. You can read up more on what an oil pump does, how it works and the merits of WPC treatment over @ MotoIQ. MotoIQ also has an article on how WPC works. You can read it here.

Picture below of the inner cover (inner side). You can see how smooth and silky the surface is.

Picture of the Gerotor inner and outer rotor gears and pressure relief/regulator valve.

WPC uses a different treatment on the gears to impart more fatigue strength and lubricity than the softer aluminium housings. WPC treatment will harden the gears and greatly improve it's fatigue strength. This will make the gears more resistant to breaking under harmonic stress. Close up of the rotors. Zip tie is to hold the gears in place during shipping.

Total cost came up to:
  • Brand new original Nissan QG18DE oil pump - US$ 211.69
  • WPC Treatment - US$ 100
  • Shipping

Picture below of the fasteners required to assemble back the oil pump. Also in the picture is the spring, washer and plug for the pressure relief/regulator valve. To slightly increase maximum oil pressure, a 2-3mm shim can be placed between the spring and the plug.

The countersunk bolts are M6 x 12mm in length while the hex head bolts are M6 x 35mm. I measured coz I am thinking to replace them with titanium versions. Unfortunately Pro-Bolt only do M6 x 15mm for the countersunk bolts and want me to order 25 bolts when I only need 4 just to have 3mm shorter bolts. Excuse was due to machining set up time and cost of production. Bummer!!! Another supplier in Germany does m6 x 10mm but wouldn't ship to  Bolehland. Bro Mugil, need your help!

One of the weaknesses of the QG engine is the oil pump which does not produce competitive pressure unlike other performance oriented engines. This is the reason why I do not run an oil cooler for Sharkie as an oil cooler will further lessen the already not so good oil pressure. Hotter oil is better than insufficient oil pressure. Hopefully WPC treatment will slightly increase the pressure during all engine revs and not just max pressure. We shall see as I can compare the oil pressure readouts on my dash pre and post WPC treatment and blueprinting of the oil pump. The WPC treated oil pump will be installed during my next service and oil change