Monday, April 8, 2013


AIM is about to launch the all new MXL2 dash logger.

Availability is stated as early 2013 but it is now April and AIM's corporate website has still not been updated with full details and cost of the new dash. Price is not going to be cheap as this is a full dash logger with everything a track day kaki will ever need and more rather than just the dash itself. I really dig the new display and the MXL2's capability to display the track and your location but you will need to get the GPS expansion module which is sold separately. Going by how much the GPS module costs for my MXL Strada Icon expect to pay in the region of 1XXX or slightly below.

I do not know if and when AIM is planning to launch just the dash. You can read up more on the AIM MXL2 at:

Meanwhile I will start dreaming and saving.. 


hmph said...

Super nice! I like the multi coloured and multi configurable LED's too. 3 axis acceleromater AND WIFI! hehehe

Andrew Saw said...

Wonder if AIM does a trade in program for current MXL users. I.e. trade in your MXL and get the MXL2 at parts + additional $ exchange or advantageous price?