Friday, March 8, 2013

Whiteline Front Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Link Kit

I am currently in process of upgrading the the entire front lower arm, subframe and anti-roll bar assembly for the Shark which have seen better days in the more than 95 thousand km travelled. First part to arrive is the Whiteline Front Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Link Kit, part number W23188. Interestingly Whiteline quotes the same part number from Nissan N13 to N16 and also the Mitsubishi Galant HG, HH VR4 AWD. The part was ordered from Whiteline's wholesale distributor in Singapore & Malaysia - SP Line Trading. The contact for SP Line Trading is Simon Oh. You can get the full contact for Simon and other dealers from Whiteline's website. Simon was very responsive on my emails and with good follow up till delivery. Unfortunately he got my addresse a tad wrong for the delivery. "Lorong" became "Jalan". Luckily the courier had my contact number and I resolved the address slip and took delivery after bout a week later than expected. No big issue.

Picture of the anti-roll bar (ARB) link kit/assembly in its packaging. Cost me bout 350 moolahs including courier delivery cost.

Contents of the packaging. My first expression was OhmyGawd! Bling red coloured ball joints! Luckily this was only the plastic cover for the ball joints which need to be removed before assembly. Nice piece of quality from Whiteline.

Close up of the components of one side of the arb link.

This is what the the link is and where it goes in the whole scheme of the front suspension if you have no idea what I am referring to. Drawing is from a USDM Nissan Sentra B15 technical service manual.

The link assembly is exactly the same as stock except the use of better materials for the bushes/joints. A ball joint with rubber cap/seal is used for the anti-roll bar end while the end that bolts to the front lower arm makes do with Synthetic Elastomer bushes which are much stiffer than the stock mushy rubber ones yet allowing for the correct articulation of movement required from the front anti-roll bar without binding. Thank you Whiteline for specifying black coloured bushes which are much better aesthetically (to my eyes) than the yellow bushes Whiteline typically uses for its arb kits. This should definitely improve and quicken the feel/action of the front anti-roll bar.

Can't wait to install the Whiteline Front Anti-Roll/Sway Bar Link Kit. Need to grow some more money trees though as I also need to get a pair of new front lower arms first. Also even more money for the Superpro bushes to go with the arms. Then there's also delrin or aluminium bushes for the front crossmember. And maybe PU bushes for the front arb mounts. It's a bottomless pit...

Stop Press: Simon whatsapped me to follow up on the delivery of the arb link kit and gave me some juicy info:
  1. Whiteline and Superpro are competitors. This means Whiteline bushes are not going to be made by Superpro and neither are they the same material.
  2. Whiteline uses a material called Synthetic Elastomer for it's bushes and not polyurethane (PU). Whiteline details the advantages of Synthetic Elastomer versus PU on it's website. Major advantage apparently is less/no noise/squeak and less/no greasing required. Guess this answers my own doubt on why white lithium grease in a sachet is not supplied with the bushes as per norm. Cause the bushes are not PU! Technology has moved on and I need to do more reading...

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