Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dyno Run Video

Some of you have been asking me how Sharkie sounds like. Well, here's a very recent dyno run when I visited GT Auto to service the Shark and tidy up the start and idle mapping (more on that later). What is most impressive is the Shark had just done a 330+ km trip from Penang to GT Auto just before the dyno run. It was literally drive from Penang down south, stopping @ Tapah for a bio break, Sungai Buloh for lunch and then straight to Bandar Sunway and GT Auto traffic jam and all. Oh, and eat a few pesky cars for brunch till the speed limiter (sorry wife) kicked in.

The Shark getting prep for the dyno run.

The video of run #2. Power's down due to heat soak and a bloody hot day. Even then it's 295hp at the wheels. Remember to switch resolution to 720p. Video courtesy of Bro Peter.

Run #3 was a tad down from run #2 netting ~293whp so we decided to call it a day.

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