Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Greg was disassembling a brand new oil pump I had purchased when the below happened :( Hope the pix doesn't gross you out.

Words from the man himself - "As I was removing the large bolt holding the pressure valve, the grip on the assembly was tenuous at best. When it finally cracked open my hand slipped and my knuckle racked against the edge of the brand new assembly. Immediately I knew it would be bad as it began to bleed profusely. As I still had to remove some parts I wrapped it in a shop towel. Luckily, the only brand new, clean (are they ever really clean?) shop towel. Then after a minute I went into the sink to wash it and apply a band aid. It was cut open pretty nice and deep, and with an impressive jagged cut. My wife, who aspired to become a nurse, literally gave up the dream as she helped apply the bandage. It was enough that she didn't faint or puke. She insisted we go to the hospital where it was cleaned well and 3 stitches were applied. I wore a splint for 2 days to allow it to heal and not bend. Day 3 I'm good with just a bandage, and can mostly fully grip the steering wheel."

Greg joins a small number of esteemed individuals whom have shed BST on the Shark. He's the undisputed winner though when it comes to amount of "B" shed. Triple Ouch!!!

More on the oil pump project later. Happy guessing what I'm doing to it (the oil pump)...

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