Sunday, March 31, 2013

1st Service

After close to 3000km the Shark was ready for it's first service since coming home. Made a trip to GT Auto and left Sharkie there for the following 5 things to be done:
  1. Service the engine/car
  2. Remap cold start idle
  3. Check and resolve knocking sound from exhaust
  4. Stop beeping sound upon startup
  5. Replace windscreen wiper water nozzle hose with Samco
Collected Sharkie bout a week later fully serviced and ready for the drive home. The engine oil I have been using since engine run-in and will continue to use for the service is the Motul 300V Chrono 10W40.

The 300V Chrono is a 100% fully synthetic engine oil with Motul's Double-Ester Technology for racing cars with NA or turbocharged engines requiring maximum power output and faster revs while maintaining oil pressure at high rpm and high temperatures. With this oil Sharkie's engine feels very smooth and this was very evident during my drive back to Penang. The only problem is the massive cost @ RM205 for a 2 litre bottle. Sharkie requires two bottles so it's RM410 on engine oil alone every service. Filter used is original Nissan. I might try the Nismo one of these days when more money falls from the sky.

The Shark's cold start and idling issues have been sorted as mentioned previously. More driving required to see if the knocking sound from the exhaust has been permanently eliminated. I did not hear any knocks on my drive home from Penang. The knocking sound was resolved by one of Toby's exhaust job contacts as Tonnka wanted Sharkie to be sent to Malacca for the job. Too much trouble and hassle lar :(

As for the beeping sound it was caused by this.

It's the g*dd*mn immobilizer! Every time I start the Shark or turn on the ignition circuit it would go "beep beep!" for about a minute or so. I believe the immobilizer has a connection to the stock ECU but since the Shark's brain transplant the stock ECU is no longer there hence the warning beeps. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"? Not that I care much anyway. This security device would occasionally result in the Slowtra not being able to start and me having to remove the key from the ignition key socket and shake the key a bit before reinserting and trying to start the car. A real PITA! Removing the immobilizer permanently eliminated the irritating beeps. What a relief and also saves some weight!

Picture below of the Samco 4mm silicone hose I bought from Amber Performance @ eBay as replacement for the stock rubber windscreen wiper nozzle hose.

Job looks easy NOT! Lots of stuff had to be removed to install the hose as it snakes into the front right hand side fender before attaching to the reservoir.

Was thinking of a clamp to secure the coolant overflow hose but the man can read my mind and went ahead and did it despite me not asking. Big thumps up!

I also nicked some power decals from GT Auto. The decals are worth more than 230hp! :P

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