Sunday, February 17, 2013

"New" Ignition Coils

The ignition coils I've been using while looking dog worn have worked well and lasted me more than 800 km so I have been on the lookout for better condition replacements which me engineer in Penang, Tao managed to source for me. Tao was recommended by Toby and does excellent work. He helped me troubleshoot and isolate my oil pressure sensor failure. Having a good technician/engineer in Penang is critical with Toby @ GT Auto being so far away. Tao even does mapping work and is familiar with Haltechs.

Picture below of the superb condition latest spec used ignition coils. A brand new set will cost you bout 1K not including shipping direct from the US and more than that from Sushiland. This set cost me less than half the cost of a new US set and looked as good as new after cleaning.

The latest spec part number is 22448-6N015 as mentioned previously.

Fondling sorry installation took less than 20 minutes including cleaning the cam cover ignition coil valley. Picture below of the ignition coils installed together with some black anodized Pro-Bolt aluminium fasteners.

Close up.

The "new" coils are working fine though I am still experiencing some ignition breakup at high boost/high revs. Toby has promised me some development work with CDI ignition coils after the new year :)

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