Tuesday, January 8, 2013

AIM MXL Strada Icon Dash Display

Here's are some pixs of my dash with blue back lighting turned on. Pressing the "Menu" button turns off the backlighting. OP = Oil Pressure and AFR = Air Fuel Ratio. Everything else should be self explanatory. Gear is showing blank as the car is in neutral and idling.

TPS = Throttle Position and BST = Boost. Shift lights are programmed to turn on from 6K rpm onwards. Some of the engine parameters are supplied by ECU (example revs, thrrotle position, boost) and some car's own sensors (example fuel level), some via independent sensors (example oil pressure). Air fuel ratio reading comes from my Innovate LC-1 wideband. Looks simple but takes a lot of work to wire, install and configure everything.

With signal light blinker turned on. The other indicator/warning lights at each side of the display are for high water temp, low oil pressure, low battery voltage, low fuel and high beam.

The pictures are by no means comprehensive. Click here for a list of what my dash is configured to display.


Mugil said...

nice carbon sheet at the back of the dash :)

Andrew Saw said...

Yuppies. Many thanks to the Bro that hand carried it all the way back from Blighty :)

Robert Strother said...

I'm considering picking this icon dash for my racecar, still satisfied with it? I know they're coming out with their color display, but this model fits my needs perfectly I'm thinking.

Andrew Saw said...

The dash works well with the only disadvantage being the inaccurate fuel level but there are ways to work round that. Of course coloured tft displays are more bling.

Robert Strother said...

True, I've done the research on that aspect. As you've said...the ICM Fuel Sender I'm hoping should fix the issue to be relatively true to the actual level. Already looked up my tanks ohm readings so I guess the last step is to actually pull the trigger. Thanks for sharing all the info you've learned over the course of your build, I'm definitely going to be picking up this version of the dash.