Friday, November 2, 2012

Wilwood Ultralite HPS 32 Vane Brake Rotor

Wilwood only just recently came up with a 310mm diameter, 28mm thick (12.2" X 1.1") brake rotor option so I decided to bite the bullet to cure the juddering problems which I have been experiencing with the Coleman Racing brake rotors. Ordered a pair of Wilwood Ultralite HPS 32 Vane brake rotors from Brian of Fastbrakes. Part number is 160-12206 in the diameter, thickness and bell mounting bolt circle configuration (8 x 7.00") I want. Cost is pretty reasonable @ USD495 for two brake rotors including shipment. Unfortunately I got royally taxed by our dear Customs :( Tax for automotive parts is 43%. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Pictures below of the brake rotor. The rotor was supposed to be zinc plated to prevent corrosion and rust on brake pad unswept areas before shipping to me but Brian forgot. Yes, forgot! Sigh... Got refunded the zinc plating cost though (USD90 for both rotors).

There are 6 slots per rotor. The vanes are straight unlike the directional Colemans making it possible to use the same rotor on left or right hand mounting configurations. Weight is 13.6 lbs (6.18kg) per rotor without centre aluminium mounting hat/bell and fasterners. Technical drawing below of the Wilwood Ultralite HPS 32 Vane brake rotor

Picture below shows the straight non-directional vanes. As the name says there are 32 vanes.


Compare the vanes with the directional Coleman Racing brake rotor here. More to follow when I can find some time to install the Wilwood brake rotors. Am also undecided if I should paint the unswept areas with DIY high temperature spray paint.


[alfred] said...

Seem like all ready now!

Reset Poweroff said...

I see 310mm - this is maximum fo 17` disk ?

Andrew Saw said...

Sorry, I don't understand. Are you referring to 17" wheel? there are several factors that determine the max diameter you can run including caliper size, width and shape and rim design. 320-330mm should be possible to fit in a 17" wheel.

Reset Poweroff said...

Sorry for my english. I`m from Russia. Yes! I`m about 17" wheel. I replace front brakes of my Nissan from stock 257X20mm rotor and one piston to Nissan Liberty rotor 280X26mm and with 2 pistons brake.
it's such a cheap tuning for Russian. :)
As shown, the dynamics improved but the brakes still hav e the property cool in the heat with intense riding. so am looking for an inexpensive replacement for its brakes.
For many years, I read your blog. Very steep tuning. I was particularly struck by the first QG18DE Turbo with 300 horsepower. Video dyno stand just shocked me. :) I want to build on my turbo QG18DE 200-230 horsepower.

Andrew Saw said...

If you go too large with the front brake rotors there is a possibility of a brake bias issue with too much front bias. To fix this you will then need to install larger diameter rear rotors.