Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ultimate Pedals Accelerator Pedal Pad

My accelerator or "gas" pedal pad from Ultimate Pedals finally arrived. If you can recall I only "upgraded" my brake and clutch pedal pads with original Nissan aluminium faced equivalents from a Z33. I could not upgrade the accelerator pedal pad and the reason is listed in my previous post.

Takes bout 2 weeks to custom manufacture upon placement of order. I choosed the shiny (brushed) smooth without grip inserts option. You can refer to the other options here. Service was first class and Robert from Ultimate Pedals answered my every email. Cost is quite prohibitive with shipping involved and probably equivalent or more than all three (clutch, brake and accelerator) universal pedal pads from the likes of Sparco.

Picture below of the installation instructions and accelerator pedal pad still in its bubble wrapping.

Pedal pad unwrapped. Material used is 6061-T6 aluminium with anti-slip surface finish. Self taping stainless steel screws are provided but I would have preferred some proper countersunk bolts and nylock nuts. Yes, you will have to drill your accelerator pedal. Quality is excellent with curvature and contour exactly matching the stock one piece accelerator pad. This is what custom is all about vs the one size and shape fits all universal pedal pads abound in the local market.

Need to arrange for delivery to Toby @ GT Auto for installation. I have also decided to replace the screws with some titanium countersunk bolts and nuts :) Pictures to follow post install.


Firdaus Asri said...

The build quality is awesome :)

Andrew Saw said...

Cost a bomb Bro! Bout RM250 for one pedal pad including shipping.