Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Lemon

This blog is for the Nissan N16 Sentra but I'm really inspired to write about me Bro Jack's build which IMHO is arguably the most impressive in Bolehland. The Lemon is a yellow (what other colour would you expect a lemon to be? :) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7. Most people with lotsa moolah have no problems slapping on expensive aftermarket trick parts but the Lemon's build is an exercise in custom engineering more than a year in the making. It's a classic BST (Blood, Sweat and Tears) story. I can still remember carrying it's forged Wiseco pistons and Golden Eagle conrods back home from the US earlier on in the year. The results however are more than worth it. Picture below of the Lemon's engine bay.

All parts were sourced for and specced by Jack and he isn't even an engineer in profession. Some aspect of the build which really impressed me include:

Most people know how to use Earl's non-asbestos flame guard insulation but just look at the picture above how it is so nicely terminated with heatshrink. I am in awe!

Titanium fasteners everywhere. And I mean everywhere including even vband clamps. Below is one such order. This is one of many many orders. Mad is an understatement!

Where titanium fasteners are not suitable one will find ARP 12-point chromoly equivalents. Here's one such example of the turbo manifold. Others are on the flywheel, etc. I learned of ARP exhaust manifold studs from Jack. Jack even bought the tools for such fasteners.

Every fluid line that can be converted to AN with stainless braided hose have been done so and some more. Even the vacuum lines on the brake vacuum booster mind you. Forged AN fittings are used despite costing more for better clearance and routing. Oil catch tank is custom fabricated.

Custom stainless steel water lines compared to the mild steel stocker. Mind you once everything is assembled back one will never see this beautiful part unless you know where to look .

No sweat upgrading one's oil filler cap but look at the implementation on the Lemon. It's all in the details. PCV has been replaced by a forged AN fitting.

This is just for the engine build. I won't go into any further detail on the wiring, chassis, suspension, transmission build, all which are equally impressive. Even the aero! Hope you are as inspired as I am.

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