Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gearbox Goodies

Some ancillary parts I ordered for the 70A gearbox many many moons ago which finally arrived only after the gearbox had been fully assembled and mated to the engine on the Slowtra. Sigh :( All parts are from Japan and on back order hence the long lead time of more than two months.

Side cover and gasket

Rear cover. I also ordered the O-ring for the rear cover but it remains on back-order.

Brand spankin new reverse idler gear shaft, snap ring and O-ring seal.

Close up of the reverse idler gear shaft.

You can see the condition of the ones that came with my gearbox. Still perfectly usable but I wasn't too happy with the aesthetics especially the rusty reverse idler gear shaft. You know me la. Now need to convince Toby to install.

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