Saturday, June 30, 2012

Garage Sale

I am willing to part with the following if the offer price is reasonable. For those seriously interested pls drop me an email. Low ballers will not be entertained. Please do not waste yours and my time.
  1. QG16DE engine kosong + inlet manifold fuel rail and injectors + throttle body
  2. QG engine cover
  3. QG16DE ECU (for manual transmission)
  4. Stock manual gearbox
  5. K&N drop-in panel filter
  6. Stock airbox and MAF sensor
  7. Stock driveshafts (manual gearbox)
  8. Stock fuel pump
  9. Stock exhaust including manifold + cat
  10. Stock original Nissan foglights
  11. Stock front brake calipers + rotors/discs
  12. Assorted Rays Engineering Duralumin lugnuts (Black) - I have 16 new still in box and 16 used.
  13. Stock steering wheel with SRS airbag
Stop Press! Items #5, 10 & 12 have been sold. 


wallance foo said...

bro i cant find your email...

Stock original Nissan foglights

this can fit in 04 sentra?

Andrew Saw said...


My email add is

04 Sentra will mean the FL1 which is the model just before mine? Doubt it will fit.

Unknown said...

Bro, you still have your stock steering? Can i have a look at it?

Andrew Saw said...

Yes I do. Its located in Penang. Email sent.