Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brain Transplant

The main flying lead harness for the Slowtra's new brain/ECU is finally ready. This connects the new ECU to the car's wiring harness. This method is easier without having to rewire the entire car.

As mentioned previously the ECU I am using is the latest Autronic SM4 version 1.09. The SM4 fits nicely into the stock ecu box/cover.

The SM4 comes with its own build in 3.4 bar MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor so the stock performance limiting mass airflow sensor is no longer required. Going higher than low boost would have maxed out the crappy stock MAF sensor anyway. Specifications for the SM4 can be found in the excellent MRM Racing (Autronic's Swedish Distributor) website. Still waiting for Autronic to update their own not so excellent website.  Needless to say the SM4 is a fully programmable ECU that does not require the stock ECU unlike piggyback fuel and ignition controllers like the Greddy E-Damage.. sorry E-Manage. Comparable equivalent ECUs include the Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 and Motec M400. Can't go wrong with either and the ability of the tuner or person doing the install and ECU mapping is more important likewise aftersales technical support. Some notable features that lead me to decide on the SM4 include:
  • Excellent resolution i.e. fuel and ignition tables have 32 rpm and 16 load site axis. Both load and rpm sites are freely selectable.
  • Transient settings for precise fuel delivery through rpm and load range.
  • Individual cylinder trim for fuel and ignition.
  • Ability to self (auto) tune.
  • Multiple boost control strategies including both internal and external wastegate snails. No need to buy a separate boost controller. Ability to alter boost according to selected gear.
  • Launch Control (two step rev limiter based on vehicle speed).
  • Flatshift (change gears without clutch at WOT using standard gearbox).
  • Traction control with different settings for dry and wet weather.
  • Antilag (keep turbocharger on boost during gear changes) with turbo cool down function - Don't require this for a road car but if one day I turn the Slowtra into an all out kereta perang..
  • Ability to data log.
  • Compatible with my AIM MXL Strada dash .
  • Master Tuner Toby experienced with installing and mapping this ECU.
The Slowtra is very very close to being started with its new brain. A problem with the trigger pattern resulting in only 1 cylinder firing has hopefully been rectified and the start should commence anytime now.


hmph said...

Hi Andrew - nice to see the car moving along! Mind letting me know how much it was for the sm4? Thinking of going standalone and looking at the usual suspects, from microtech to haltech to autronic (motec too expensive :-P)

Andrew Saw said...


For some apparent reason blogger identifed your comment as spam :)Have restored it.

If you find the Motec M400 expensive you'll find the Autronic a slightly less expensive option. The Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 is cheapest at ~6.5K. End of the day the cost of the ECU is not the only thing. How much dyno/road tuning time do you get with your ECU? The best ECU is going to count for nought if it has a crappy map.

hmph said...

lol! Ya that's weird I would hope my comments aren't spam!
Yup got quoted abt 6.6k for the Haltech, so was trying to compare features versus price, but not much out there on autronic versus... well versus anything really. Only a few short forum postings at most :-)

Andrew Saw said...

Excellent Autronic website and forum here:

Andrew Saw said...

End of the day unless you are professional race team all these ECUs rock. What is more important are the maps in them and also the after sales service.