Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Piping Art Part 3

Piping for the intercooler is back from powder coating @ Dynatech methinks. Need to confirm. Toby choosed a black wrinkle finish for me while I originally prefered plain matt black. End result looks very good though from the pictures below. Powder coating will result in easy to maintain piping when compared to shiny polished metal that will discolour or smudge after a while.

The manifold received a black ceramic thermal dispersant coating from Ceramico. As you know a turbocharged engine produces heat. Lots and lots of heat. Improper management and dispersal of the heat will lead to heat soak issues at best and melt plastic stuff or start fires at worse. Furthermore I'm not into bawah pokok lift the bonnet on its hinge via a spacer mod. Looks ridiculous nowadays given the abundance of heat treatment coating, heat shielding and heat venting options available. You can read more on the benefits of Ceramico coatings here.  Turnaround time to get the header coated was pretty fast at a couple days. Pix of the coated turbo manifold.

Closer up.

The downpipe also received coating. The two bungs with holes are for O2 sensors (stock narrowband and wideband). I will probably only use one for the wideband as the stock will be ditched along with the stock ECU.

Silicone hose couplers and joiners will be blue Samco Sport. Final assembly should start soon.


AhmdShah said...

Hello there.

Just wondering, how the Ceramico coating holds up?

Whats the rough pricing of it?

Andrew Saw said...

Seems to be holding well after > 3.5K km. Cost came up to RM850 for the turbo manifold and downpipe

AhmdShah said...

Thanks for the reply.

Do you have email that i can contact you in private? Hehe. Want to have a discussion about the coating.

Andrew Saw said...