Monday, May 28, 2012

Oil Change Progress Part 5

Dropped by GT Auto to hand deliver some parts and as expected from the recent pictures Toby sent me most of the plumbing work is completed. Pictures below of the Slowtra.

Close up of the installed Spearco intercooler.

Intercooler piping left hand (passenger) side.

This is supposed to connect to the still stock throttle body but I am short of two Murray constant tension clamps which are currently stuck at Customs. Why are my friendly local Customs still interested to tax me on another couple pieces of metal? Sigh... :(

Engine bay piccies.

Stock steel bolts on cam cover replaced with Pro-Bolt black anodized aluminium alloy items. Did I tell you the stock cam cover is plastic? Damn! Wonder if Series Two (2nd Gen) QG18DE aluminium alloy cam cover fits my first gen.

Tomei FPR, etc fully fitted with AN fittings.

Am speechless! Forgot to check with Toby why the throttle body coolant piping needs to be connected. Stock is blanked off. Air filter piping connects to the stock mount brackets.

This no longer required heavy steel bracket was removed from the left hand side of the engine. The wiring harness and engine cover mounts to it but I no longer run the engine cover. There are two more heavy steel brackets for the engine cover still to be removed. I believe all three brackets will weight more than a kilo which might not be much on car weighing 1200+ kilos but every little bit counts.

Z33 350Z clutch and brake pedal pads installed. Installation involved removing the stock pedal pads with your hands and reverse the process with the Z33 pedal pads. It was as "plug and play" as you get. The accelerator "gas" pedal will most probably be from Ultimate Pedals from the US.

ECU custom wiring harness is proving a royal PITA to sort out. As expected the wiring diagrams I sourced from the US/EU/UK domestic models are quite different from the Bolehland N16. Dash also yet to be sorted out.

The engine was test fired up by Toby with Jack, Mugil and of course myself witnessing the historing event. Can still idle with the stock ECU and MAF albeit a tad lumpy with the big injectors :) Getting ever closer to the finish line...


Firdaus Asri said...

Those pedals from Ultimate Pedals are awesome... :)

Eh bro have you towed your car to Tonnka yet?

Andrew Saw said...


I think you blur :) Car's been to Tonnka and back. My exhaust is a couple posts below this one

Firdaus Asri said...

Hahaha...I want to blame on midnight hours then lol