Monday, May 14, 2012

Oil Change Progress Part 3

Was @ GT Auto over the weekend to follow up on the progress. In summary:
Picture below of the tool used to terminate the hose to an AN fitting.

Here's the engine. Apart from the manifold + snail the trick parts are all inside :) You can glimpse the Tomei FPR on the top right hand corner of the picture. Bling red custom GT Auto fuel rail probably adds 20+ hp.

The downside to using an EFR snail is the physical size. It's f*arkin big when compared to an equivalent Garrett making everything a super close fit. The close proximity to the radiator fan and air conditioning motor is going to be a real problem possibly necessitating slight relocation of the radiator further forward if possible. Every milimetre counts. Orange coloured thingy is Earl's non-asbestos flame guard insulation hose sleeving which helps insulate and protect a hose against extreme heat sources. The flame guard is capable of withstanding up to 260 degrees Celsius. I will write a separate article just on heat insulation/shielding which is critical on a turbocharged engine.

The custom fuel rail complete with GT Auto logo.

Here's the Tomei Type S FPR before being plumbed. The FPR is taking up the real estate spot where the horn used to be. Horn has been relocated downwards as can be seen from the picture. Need to source a better mount bracket. Maybe some prepreg carbon ones? Dodgy looking connector hose on the throttle body is only a temp.

FPR fuel rail feed/inlet hose and AN fitting. Hose and fitting size is AN Dash or "-" 6. The other yet to be connected fitting at the bottomof the FPR is the fuel exit. Intercooler piping temporarily fitted to ensure hose clears with sufficient length.

And here's my open pod K&N X-Stream air filter.

Another piccie.

The part number - RX-4730.

K&N X-Stream differs from your regular K&N open pod with the addition of a filter within the filter's top adding more filter area for higher airflow and a longer service interval. You can read up more on part number RX-4730 including filter dimensions on K&N's website. Picture below of the filter temporarily installed.

Final pix on the current state of things. Lots more work to be done but I hope to be running the Slowtra by July.


Riji Sanada said...

i want to buy the manifold..where cann i get it?

Andrew Saw said...

Kindly email me @ to discuss this further.

Riji Sanada said...

haii...may i know whre to get the manifold turbo for nissan Sentra N16 2006