Thursday, April 26, 2012

Piping Art

Picture of my downpipe and some of the new piping. You can see the CNC machined stainless steel GCG flange which will mate to the EFR turbine. A TiAL VC355 stainless steel V-band clamp does the locking/sealing job.

Two close up piccies of the lovely immaculate TIG welds.

Just look at the snail manifold! Almost a shame it will be ceramic coated black but this is better in the long run for thermal protection. Everything will turn yellow bronze after a while anyway. Downpipe will also be coated.

T25 sized flange to mate to the turbine section of the EFR 6258. Bolt holes are 40mm apart in height and 73mm apart in width.

The engine block exhaust flange. Almost went for "Nissan Slowtra" instead of "Nissan Sentra". Haha!

This is why I went to all the trouble of having the Slowtra delivered to Tonnka in Malacca for the exhaust and piping work. Top notch craftsmanship!


Mugil said...

looking good man!!! u cant go wrong with Tonnka!! he puts passion into his work and the results shows it!!

cant wait to hear the car come to life!

Andrew Saw said...

Yes Bro. Larry's da man!

Andrew Saw said...

Bro Jun Wen,

I was doing some maintenance work and accidentally deleted your posts. Sorry! Can you please repost?

jun wen said...

oh its ok... i was asking when u brought your car to melacca? i wish to see it in person... because i have been following your blog for so long... seeing slowtra in real life would be awsome...

Andrew Saw said...

Sorry Bro. Slowtra is not in Malacca.