Monday, April 2, 2012

Oil Change Progress

Engine and gearbox is in.

Thinking to get a new gearbox side and end cover. Dip stick is broken so purchased replacement along with a bottom engine mount.

Long driveshaft installed with no issues. Short driveshaft appears 1-2" shorter. WTF! at this point. Need to check with Greg but he's on holiday till next week :( Picture below of the short driveshaft test fitted. Wheel hubs and bearings have also been installed. Plug below the driveshaft is the gearbox oil drain plug.

The gear selector rods installed. Gave the Slowtra's underside a good dose of WD40 cleaning right after taking the pictures. Looks pretty good now or at least better than the pictures.

Bought some Turbosmart Turboseal Murray constant tension clamps for the intercooler piping. The last thing I want is some cheapa*s clamps working loose and cause an engine issue. The clamp is full stainless steel in construction. A constant tension stainless steel worm gear clamp is designed to compensate for the effects of thermal cycling and/or compression. The convoluted spring action outer band solves this problem and features a unique inner band profile to provide superior sealing pressure via its two raise ribs and the chamfered edges eliminate damage to the hose when tightened. Murray's unique "Dual Bead Shield" concentrates band sealing pressure, increasing performance up to 30% compared to standard smooth liners. Picture of the 2.5" clamp in packaging. Part number is TS-HCT-M075 (2.5" to 3.375" or 64-86mm diameter). The clamps are sold in pairs and a pair will set you back >RM66 not including shipping costs. Not cheap but well worth the money if you asked me.

Two close up pixs of the clamp.

Here's how the clamps look like fitted to the Prodrive Impreza WRC 2007.

Nearly ready to do the turbo, intercooler and exhaust piping. As mentioned before this will be a Tonnka project.


Aizuddin Halim said...

Bro may I ask you where did you buy the dipstick and how much they charging you for it?

Aizuddin Halim said...

Bro may I ask you where did you buy the dipstick and how much they charging you for it?

Andrew Saw said...

Can't recall but it doesn't cost much. You can get this from TCEAS.