Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oil Change Progress Sneak Peak

Turbine manifold and intercooler piping more or less completed. Manifold is full SUS304 stainless steel tubular construction. Welds look immaculate as per typical Tonnka excellent quality. Pardon the picture quality though as probably taken via h/phone. Thanks Larry!

The EFR 6258 is low mount unlike the more typical top mount and log manifold found in USDM B15 Sentras. I won't go into a debate here on which manifold type or configuration is "better". The turbine manifold is but one piece of the forced induction air pump jigsaw puzzle. If you are interested in theory and details of both types of manifolds click here. More details and pictures in due time. Exhaust is next and needless to say it will be ~3" internal diameter.

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