Monday, April 30, 2012

Oil Change Progress Part 2

After one month and approximately three weeks here's the state of affairs.

Fog lights will have to go as in the way of the intercooler piping. Anybody interested in a set of pre-loved ones? Metal box sitting on top of the inlet manifold is a Klingon cloaking device that renders the Slowtra invisible. Nah.. it's just the stock Hitachi Unisia Automotive ECU. Close up pix.

The mess of wiring is what Toby will be sorting out. I only have wiring diagrams for Euro/UK and USDM N16 and B15. TCM keep the MYDM N16 technical service manuals under so much secrecy I might have to join S.H.I.E.L.D. just to get hold of one. Hopefully things (the wiring) are not too different.

If you're wondering the ECU goes into this slot in the firewall behind a plastic box/cover.

Here are my spiffy ARP stainless steel studs for exhaust manifold installed. One stud had to be shortened to clear the turbo manifold. Also in the pix below is my new coolant drain plug and channel plugs. Cast iron engine block has been repainted.

Close up

I also had the titanium fasteners for my brake caliper adapter installed to replace the rusted mild steel ones.

Stock instrument panel removed to make way for the AIM MXL Strada dash. More wiring complications in need of Toby's expertise to sort out.

Likewise plastic cover for steering column.

No I ain't selling my stock instrument panel no matter how forlorn it looks.

Am absolutely chuffed at the progress made. Won't be too long hopefully before the engine fires into life!

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