Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oil Change

They say a picture tells a thousand words...

I'll leave you to decipher what the thousand words are :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

RS5F70A Stripped!

Delivered the Slowtra to GT Auto over the weekend and the first thing I saw as I walked in was my disassembled and cleaned gearbox awaiting my Nismo LSD. Picture below of bellhousing, gearbox casing and final drive ring gear/crown wheel.

Close up of the nicely clean bellhousing.

The gears. No time nor budget to WPC treat the gears hence will be reassembled back as-is. Toby mentioned the gears look a bit weak so maybe some PAR or Pfitzner (PPG) gearsets in the future when the budget's avail. Toby will also fabricate a shorter stainless braided clutch hose for me.

Another pix.

Stock open diff which will be replaced by the Nismo Mechanical LSD. Needs new side bearings which Toby promptly found for me. Thanks Bro!

Final drive ring gear/crown wheel. Counted 70 teeth. Pinion is 18 teeth. This means Final Drive Ratio 70/18 or 3.888888888888889. Bolts including the new ones I bought are M10 (10mm). LSD requires M12 (12mm). This means I need to source new bolts and do some work on the final drive/crown wheel gear to fit. Bummer!

Brand new oem driveshaft or axle assembly. The short one. You will also need the long driveshaft. Without a proper limited slip differential and other trick drivetrain engineering this is what causes torque steer for FF cars due to different driveshaft lengths.

This end bolts to the gearbox/diff.

While the other end bolts to front knuckle or upright. Funky looking ring with gear looking teeth is for the ABS sensor to read... Which the Slowtra does not need.

Stock manual gearbox is off the car as we speak. Anyone interested in an excellent condition pre-loved MYDM N16 stock 30A manual gearbox that has only seen the best Redline MT90 gear oil please shoot me an email.